The Kanoria Gallery for Arts

The Kanoria Gallery for Arts was opened in August 2011. Designed by renowned architect BV Doshi and offering 144 sq.m of space, the Gallery is professionally equipped for exhibitions of visual arts. 

The Gallery is impressively located within the KL Campus that houses CEPT University, Amdavad ni Gufa and the LP Hutheesing Visual Art Centre. With its own entrance off the main road the gallery is perfectly located. 

Entirely air conditioned and properly illuminated with gallery lighting systems, the Gallery is surrounded by greenery and ample outside spaces. With links to the in-house Cafe the Gallery is a great choice for exhibiting artworks.

The Gallery's experienced staff regularly assist with designing of promotional material, installation of artworks, organising the launch night and press/media relations to ensure every exhibition is a success.


To book an exhibition at the Kanoria Centre for Arts Gallery, the applicant is required to submit details about the nature of their exhibition with example images of the work to be displayed to the below email address. The gallery must be booked for a minimum of 3 days. 

Gallery Timings

Tuesday to Sunday
11am to 7pm

Mondays closed


Niharika Shah
Gallery Director
+ 91 99250 31454

Pulkit Prajapati
Gallery In-Charge
+ 91 98981 97754


Gallery Brochure