About KCA

A one-of-a-kind institution, an art hub for professional artists, students and art lovers to come and perhaps admire the sculptures dotted around or just sit with a cup of chai and get lost amongst its creative atmosphere.

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KCA was established in 1984 by our Chairperson Urmila Kanoria with the support of Dr. B. V. Doshi (2018 Pritzker Award Laureate) and the Ahmedabad Education Society. Its inaugural stone was laid by the Late M. F. Husain and inputs from Bhupen Khakhar, Piraji Sagara, Geeta Kapur and many more leading personalities in diverse creative fields established KCA's foundation for becoming a non-profit, self sustaining institution.

Through the years, KCA has attracted a large number of visitors and frequently hosts visits by dignitaries and celebrities from various disciplines such as the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mrinalini Sarabhai, Anjolie Ela Menon, Lalitha Lajmi and many more who have offered advice and ideas, further enriching the institution.

Urmila Kanoria (Chairperson)

Born in 1942 and belonging to the Modi family, Urmila Kanoria grew up in Modinagar. From an early age, she inherited her love for welfare work from her mother, Dayavati Modi and was inspired by her father, a renowned industrialist and philanthropist, Gujjarmal Modi.  

Married to the well known Kanoria family, Urmila Kanoria then started her life in Kolkata. She worked with various charitable organisations including Women's Interlink, Child Welfare and Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity.  She was also exposed to art and culture and thus began her love story with Indian Art.  Inspired by Santiniketan, it was Urmila Kanoria's dream to build a world renowned centre for creativity.

On moving to Ahmedabad in the early 80's, Urmila Kanoria undertook the herculean task of acquiring land and then building and starting the Kanoria Centre for Arts (KCA) in 1984. She was supported by Balkrishna Doshi, a leading architect and Priyakantbhai Munshaw, Honorary Secretary of the Ahmedabad Education Society (AES).  

In all of Urmila Kanoria's efforts she has had the unstinting support of her husband Kailash Kanoria, her son Saket Kanoria and her daughter Sangita Jindal, Chairperson of the JSW Foundation. Suggestions and ideas of the many individuals Urmila has come across in her travels within India and abroad have been implemented at the Centre with great success.

Urmila believes that "without art there is no life", and this motto so heavily embedded in the Centre has made a vast difference to the Ahmedabad art scene.

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Chairperson, Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad
Vice-Chairperson, Women's Interlink Foundation, Kolkata
Trustee, Kanoria Hospital & Research Centre, Gandhinagar
Trustee, Kanoria Charitable Society, Mukungarh, Rajasthan


1992  International Giant Award

1992 International Giant Award

2007  Art Society of India Award

2007 Art Society of India Award

2013  JSAF Nari Shakti Award

2013 JSAF Nari Shakti Award

2016  Namankit Award

2016 Namankit Award

2016  FICCI Flo Sambhavaa Cultural Icon Award

2016 FICCI Flo Sambhavaa Cultural Icon Award

2016  World Leadership Congress Award for Excellence in Arts & Culture

2016 World Leadership Congress Award for Excellence in Arts & Culture

Sangita Jindal (Creative Director)

Sangita Jindal was appointed Creative Director of the Kanoria Centre for Arts (KCA) on 8th March 2019. As a member on the Advisory Board of KCA since its inception, Sangita has been instrumental in bringing forth new ideas for developing the Centre. As Creative Director, her role has expanded to overseeing the activities taking place at the Centre and giving support and objectives to ensure that KCA strives onwards and upwards.


Mrs. Sangita Jindal is the Chairperson of the JSW Foundation that is responsible for social development projects of the JSW Group. In the twenty years that she has spearheaded operations, the Foundation has enlarged its scope of activities in the areas of education, health, livelihood creation, local sports development and conservation of our arts and cultural heritage. The Golden Peacock Award for CSR awarded to the JSW Foundation in 2009 and again in 2019 is testimony to her vision and leadership.

Her other significant passion is in the promotion of art and culture. She established the Jindal Arts Centre (JAC) in 1992 and started Art India, an art magazine in 1994. She was among the team that conceptualised the Kala Ghoda festival and for these efforts she was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2004. She has created, the Hampi Foundation that has undertaken conservation work at three temples in Hampi and the friends of school premises that has improved the Sir JJ School of Art.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of Asia Society India Centre and National Culture Fund, Trustee on the Board of the World Monument Fund, Advisor to Ted X Gateway and a member of the IMC Ladies’ Wing Art, Culture and Film Committee. She is a recipient of the Marico Ricci-Metro Society Young Achievers Award in 2004, the Best Citizen Award conferred by the I Love Mumbai committee in 2002 and the FICCI Ladies Organization Woman Philanthropist Award in 2011.

Mrs Jindal, has also committed her support to women’s empowerment by becoming the Chair of the Women’s Empowerment Principals Initiative in India.

Sonal Singh from Christie’s at KCA’s Annual Function ART 17 talking on the subject of ‘Patronage & Art Collection’.

Sonal Singh from Christie’s at KCA’s Annual Function ART 17 talking on the subject of ‘Patronage & Art Collection’.


KCA is proud to be affiliated with the following institutions:

Christie's, Mumbai | Turmeric Art Projects, Mumbai | Sonia Kriplani, Dubai


"Christies is honoured to be associated with KCA. Under the guidance and leadership of Urmila Kanoria, KCA has provided a much needed platform for young artists over the last 30 years. An integral part of contemporary art in India, KCA continues to provide crucial support to the next generation of artists and I am sure many more artists will benefit from this important institution in the years to come".

Sonal Singh, Head of Department, Christie's