KCA's courses are designed to nurture creativity in children and adults. The education facility consists of two large classrooms, ample outside space and a sculpture making area. KCA conducts two fixed term courses and many short term courses from our Open Campus Program for children and adults throughout the year.

The 3 Year Children's Course

This course is designed for children studying in Std IV to Std VI. Classes are held twice a week for a total of 4 hours. The children are taught all mediums of art from drawing, painting, mask-making, paper sculpture, clay modelling, tie and dye and also printmaking. 

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The Foundation Course

This course offers aspiring young students comprehensive art training with a certificate of achievement in foundation of art. The programme is designed to develop awareness through imparting the fundamentals of art with supporting knowledge of the mediums; painting, sculpture and printmaking. At the end of the year the students artworks are exhibited in the Kanoria Gallery for Arts. 

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Advance Art Program

For those students that have completed the One Year Foundation Course and those having the basic hands on knowledge of art, KCA is offering a 3 month advance program through the course of the year that will focus on a particular field of art. Drawing, Painting, Printmaking or Sculpture.

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Summer Workshop for Adults

Summer Workshop for Children

KCA organises workshops during the Summer for adults. Ranging from printmaking to calligraphy these workshops allow adults to explore their creative side.

Each year during May, a Summer workshop for Children of Std I to VII is organised by the Centre. It aims to foster the child’s creative abilities thereby encouraging them to express themselves. The children are introduced to creative media, drawing, painting, sculpture and crafts.


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